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Other Aquatic Invertebrates
Other Aquatic
Amphibians & Reptiles
and Reptiles

Box Turtle
Worm Snake
Amphibians and Reptiles

Experience with all common species, including vernal pool amphibians, as well as rare species in the following groups:

Rare Turtles, including wood turtle, eastern box turtle, bog turtle, spiny softshell turtle, spotted turtle, Blanding’s turtle, eastern musk turtle

Rare Salamanders, including Jefferson salamander, blue-spotted salamander, marbled salamander, northern spring salamander, four-toed salamander

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Rare Snakes, including eastern worm snake, eastern ribbon snake, black racer, eastern hognose snake

Services Provided
  • Sampling protocols and study designs for a variety of species, habitats, and objectives
  • Survey techniques that include visual, tactile, auditory, aquatic traps, coverboards, drift fences and pit-fall traps, snorkeling, and SCUBA
  • Species identification, including amphibian larvae and egg masses
  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Long-term population monitoring using radiotelemetry and mark-recapture
  • Home range and population size estimates
  • Qualitative surveys and inventories
  • Vernal pool surveys and certification
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Pre-construction sweeps, relocation
  • Data analysis, presentation, and reporting
  • Develop conservation and management plans
Example Projects
  • Wood turtle relocation and monitoring for bridge and roadway projects in Massachusetts and Connecticut
  • Survey of vernal pools and state-listed amphibians and reptiles in the Tully Lake Flood Control Project in Massachusetts
  • Blandings turtle habitat assessments in eastern Massachusetts
  • Wood turtle survey in the Shetucket River for the Scotland Hydroelectric Project
  • Behavior and ecology of the eastern worm snake (Carphophis amoenus) in Massachusetts
  • Eastern box turtle surveys and monitoring for proposed construction and development projects throughout Massachusetts
  • SCUBA diving services for a spiny softshell turtle monitoring project in Lake Champlain in Vermont
  • Research on the distribution, movement, and ecology of eastern box turtles and wood turtles in Massachusetts
  • Research on bog turtles (Clemmys muhlenbergii) in Connecticut and Massachusetts