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Other Aquatic Invertebrates
Other Aquatic
Amphibians & Reptiles
and Reptiles

Other Aquatic Invertebrates

Our scientific expertise includes the general diversity of all aquatic invertebrates, including both insects and non-insects, as well as rare species in the following taxonomic groups:

Dragonflies and damselfies (Order Odonata)
Mayflies (Order Ephemeroptera)
Stoneflies (Order Plecoptera)
Caddisflies (Order Trichoptera)
Freshwater crustaceans (crayfish, amphipods, fairy shrimp, clam shrimp)

Services Provided
  • Sampling protocols and study designs for a variety of species, habitats, and objectives
  • Collection gear appropriate for myriad habitats and organisms
  • SCUBA and snorkel surveys
  • Collection, identification, and enumeration of zebra mussels (larvae and adults)
  • Genus and species-level identification of most aquatic invertebrates, with species-level identification of Odonates and nearly all non-insect macroinvertebrates, especially rare species
  • Habitat assessments
  • Qualitative surveys and inventories of aquatic biodiversity, especially rare species
  • Quantitative surveys (population size estimation)
  • Biological monitoring and assessment using macroinvertebrate communities
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Expertise in vernal pools, wetlands, and streams and lakes of all sizes
  • Calculation of metrics and indices for macroinvertebrate communities
  • Data analysis, presentation, and reporting
  • Develop conservation and management plans for threatened and endangered species

Example Projects
  • Littoral zone benthic macroinvertebrate studies in Lake Lillinonah and Lake Zoar (Housatonic River) in Connecticut
  • Zebra mussel studies in Massachusetts: physical, chemical, and biological assessments of waterbodies in the Housatonic and Connecticut watersheds
  • Stream macroinvertebrate monitoring in the Taunton River watershed using established state and federal rapid bioassessment protocols
  • Rare riverine dragonfly surveys in the Housatonic River watershed of Connecticut and Massachusetts and the Wild & Scenic portion of the Westfield River watershed in Massachusetts
  • Freshwater snails, crayfish, and mussels of the upper Farmington River watershed
  • Effects of an industrial effluent on the benthic macroinvertebrates of an urban stream in Michigan
  • Aquatic biodiversity inventory of the Baskahegan watershed in Maine
  • Survey of rare stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera) and associated stream insects in small streams in western Massachusetts
  • Inventory and identification of aquatic invertebrates from vernal pools in the Quabbin Reservation in central Massachusetts